Library: Outreach Repository

Below are links to public outreach materials related to BBRs:

Bill inserts and messages: Includes examples from
CVWDResidential Bill Insert 2008-2009
EMWDBilling Messages 2008-2009
ETWDBill Insert Mar 2010
EVMWDNew Rate Bill Insert June 2005, Rate Change Bill Insert Aug 2009
IRWDSanta Ana Heights Monthly Message Points
MNWDBill Insert

Informational materials (flyers, handouts, press releases, mailers, etc.): Includes examples from
CVWDInformation Flyer October 2008, Saving 36 and Drought Penalty Flyer
EMWDPress Release 2-23-09 Tiered Rates Workshops, Press Release 4-9-09 Tiered Rate Billing Begins ,Press Release 11-19-08 EMWD Rates, Tiered Rates Workshop Flier
ETWDNew Bill Information, Press Release TV 6 Presentation Apr 2010, Press Release TV 6 Tiered Rates Mar 2010, Website Website Phased in Rates, Website Phased in Rates, Website Transition to Tiered Rates, Website Copy July 2010
EVMWDWater Budget Fact Sheet, Water Budgets 101 July 2015
IRWDOPA 2015 Announcement Flyer, OPA Proposed Rates 2015-16, OPA Rate Transition Timeline, Santa Ana Heights November 2004 Mailing, Santa Ana Heights October 2004 Mailing, Santa Ana Heights September 2004 Mailing, Rate Resources, Santa Ana Heights Implementation Steps
MNWDManaging Water June 2015, Postcard-1, Postcard-2, Postcard-3, Postcard-4, Postcard-5, Postcard-10, Postcard-11A, Postcard-11B, Postcard-12, WSCP New Rates FAQs June 2015
VMCBeing Water Smart 2013 PRism award submission
WMWDIndoor Water Budget Guide Dec 2011, Measure Your Landscaped Area Sep 2011, Monthly Budget Landscape Factors, Outdoor Water Budget Guide Dec 2011, Tiered Rate FAQ April 2015

Newsletters: Includes examples from
EMWDReports Jan 2009, Reports July 2008, Reports Mar 2009, Reports May 2009
ETWDWater Views Newsletter Apr-2010
EVMWDWaterlog Fall 2009, Waterlog Summer 2009
MNWDLN Guide 2016 Backcover

Presentations: Includes examples from
CVWDCathedral City Council Tiered Rates presentation October 2008
ETWDPresentation for TV 6 Mar 2010
LVMWDACWA 2016 Spring Conference Change Amidst a Drought and Prop 218 Challenge, Proposed Rate Structure Community Presentation 10-7-2015-1
VWC2011 Water Smart Innovations Presentation Communicating with Customers, 2012 Water Smart Innovations Presentation Budgets for Multiple Customer Classes, 2014 Water Smart Innovations Presentation Results are In

Sample letters and shadow bills: Includes examples from
EMWDSample Shadow Bill Over Budget, Sample Shadow Bill Under Budget, Sample Tiered Bill
ETWDSample Initial Letter July 2010, Sample Letter Oct 2010, Sample Letter Top Tier Users
WMWDSample Residential Letter Apr 2011

Proposition 218 Letters: Includes letters from
EMWDPublic Notice 11-19-08
ETWDProp 218 FY 2015-16
EVMWDProp 218 FY 2016-17
IRWDProp 218 Irvine Commercial 2015-16, Prop 218 Irvine Landscape 2015-16, Prop 218 Irvine Residential 2015-16
MNWDProp 218 Notice 2015
WMWDProp 218 Riverside Residential 2011