Library: Variances and Bill Adjustments

Variances are provided by agencies for a variety of conditions, including: greater household size, large/hoofed animals on property, filling of swimming pool, changes in landscape area, medical needs, and elderly or child care.

Following are examples of variance guides, regulations, policies, and forms used by participating agencies:

EMWD: The version of the variance forms reference guide from late 2015 goes over EMWD’s variance policies. The case study reached via the table above includes links to a landscape water budget calculator spreadsheet and a leak adjustment request form.

ETWD: A copy of the variance form was provided.

EVMWD: EVMWD’s variance policies are discussed in a section of the Administrative Code and
shown with a copy of the variance form

IRWD: Section 12.6 of the 2015 Rules and Regulations includes the most updated documentation of how variances are applied and verified for IRWD and its customers. As discussed in Setting a Water Budget », IRWD uses a landscape acre change request form and associated instructions for large landscape customers. Residential variances are slightly different, as described by a brief overview with the supporting variance request forms with and without landscape changes.

LVMWD: LVMWD’s variance policies were updated in late 2015, as shown in this staff report.

MNWD: MNWD’s variance policies are outlined in the most updated version of its variance adjustment and allocation policy.

VWC: VWC has separate variance policies for residential customers and dedicated irrigation meter
customers, both of which submits a variance request form outlining the desired change.

WMWD: WMWD’s variance policies, including adjustments for in-residence childcare and horses,
are included in the last two pages of the June 2011 rate study.