Relation to Drought Response/Water Shortage

All California agencies have been effected by the ongoing drought that began in 2012. For instance, EMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan, LVMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan, and MNWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan, cover the restrictions in the case of a water shortage (e.g., drought) and the various stages as the severity of the shortage increases. MNWD presented, on BBRs and drought planning at the 2015 WaterSmart Innovations conference, discussing rate design and drought penalties. MNWD’s presentation, to mayors in southern Orange County in April 2016 discussed the impact of the drought on the same area and future solutions. LVMWD presented at the Association of California Water Agencies 2016 Spring Conference on their approach to ensuring a transparent process to set BBR rates for potable and recycled water, as well as ensure that sanitation service costs are proportional to the level of service provided to the customer through a “per-person” charge. LVWMD’s board validated the decisions they made during the rate-setting process using key “Guiding Principles.” EVMWD commissioned a study on drought surcharges, which are additional volumetric rates tacked onto existing price tiers in order to encourage more conservation.

The case studies below provide more detail on the steps some agencies have taken during the drought that also apply during any water shortage situation.


Valencia Water Company

Drought Program


Coachella Valley Water District

Achieving Drought Savings